DOCKET: Eff It. Just be a Gold Digger!


We all love a good sale, right? You know… the ones wherein we get three cotton white shirts for $25.00 or the “buy one get one free” slacks that you’ve been dying to add to your wardrobe. A bargain is almost a poetic game of shopping chess—at least until that cheap-ass shirt or slack tears or washes out and we’re back at the store in a few months buying another one. We do the same thing with ourselves, everyday! We look for the cheapest, easiest, way through accomplishing our goals and are dissatisfied when the “high” wears off or the results only last so long. This week’s ask: Why not be the best version of yourself? What do you have to lose in going for gold within yourself?


I’m expensive, but I can afford me.

I am a doer. I will take action and get things accomplished.

I am committed to being focused on my goal. I am worth it.

I have within me, the power to treat myself beyond how I expect to be treated.

I know my worth and I will make a choice to walk in it, every. single. day.

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Jamie-Lee DentonComment