When I started Lawyer’d Magazine in 2017, very early on I recognized that a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Law degree, though assets, wouldn’t be sufficient enough to validate any form of expertise in the Magazine Publishing industry.  I would be thrown into a den of the unknown and trial and error would be my bible.  Fast forward almost a year later and I am still a student of the game, but having discovered Skillshare, I am gaining more confidence day by day.

Though not a sponsored plug, Skillshare has transformed the way I navigate the waters of entrepreneurship. If you’re unfamiliar with this platform, it is an “online learning community with thousands of classes in design, business, technology and so much more”. I like to think of it as a University for Entrepreneurs without the whopping tuition fees and student loan debts. I came across this pedagogical tool while listening to an episode of Girlboss Radio (part of my morning routine for inspiration).  In addition to the idea of being able to learn and polish skills from a myriad of disciplines, the three-months for 0.99 cents promotion prompted me to sign up right away and I am so glad I did.



During the registration process, you are able to select topics of interest so Skillshare can filter classes specific to your needs. You can preview and save them for later and browse classes beyond your specified filters.  Furthermore, you are able to see how many students are taking the class (which usually is an indication of how resourceful or popular a class is). Having just completed my vision board for 2018, I previewed classes on productivity, journalism, photography, and managing finance. I have yet to tackle them all, but I started my membership with a 59-minute course on improving my interview skills. You can imagine how important journalism is to a career in magazine publishing.  I was pleasantly surprised by the structure and organization of the syllabus. Each class has sub-topics making it easy to develop a general idea of the course and skip pass topics that you may already be familiar with if you are just brushing up on some skills.  One of my favourite things about the classes is the ability to pause the lectures. Whether you need a moment to take notes or break to make dinner, you can go at your own pace and pick up where you left off days later.


I promise, Skillshare is useful! Following my journalism course, I was able to put what I learned to the test a few days later when I had to interview an attorney for our upcoming Women’s Issue. Amidst the interview, I found myself listening more and being mindful of when to direct the interviewee to a next question rather than allowing them carry on with a single point for too long--all things that had been emphasized in the class. 


This app is relevant to a career in law because the field is changing. Many of our readers are transitioning to virtual firms, retreating to private practice and incorporating social media into big firm company culture. Consequently, there is a learning curve that could easily be facilitated by a few Skillshare classes. Whether you are trying to figure out how to budget for your business, exhibit strong leadership for a team of employees, or simply make your practice more marketable to potential clients, there is really something for everyone.  In addition, lawyers have a wealth of knowledge that may assist individuals from other entrepreneurial and professional backgrounds. For example, in a world of e-businesses, lawyers might be able to emphasize points on intellectual property or provide coaching for business development and client relations in the realm of legality. You can become a teacher, a student or both!


Skillshare is a worthwhile investment for growing your practice and your leisure interests and hobbies as well. Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a shortlist of courses that your firm, private practice, or virtual office may benefit from. If you decide to take the leap and sign up, tell us about your experience. Besides, you can’t go wrong with a university where everyone gets accepted...*side-eye*. 

·      Introduction to Social Media Strategy  - Brian Peters

·      Advanced Social Media Marketing Strategy – Alex Genadinik

·      Debt Financing – David Harper

·      Productivity Habits that Stick – Mike Vardy

·      Creative Leadership Toolkit – John Maeda


*This is not a sponsored article. This is simply a personal testimony to a phenomenal app that the Lawyer’d Magazine community may benefit from.