As an entrepreneur, you are always a student of business. Having released our introductory issue in June of this year, I have realized that there is a material gap between what I know and what I don't know. My first reaction to this realization was panic. I focused on how unqualified or inexperienced I am to run a law magazine! However, after a few weeks of pointless moping and wallowing, I changed my approach and decided to deconstruct and reconstruct my vision.

I must say I have been quite pleased by the feedback and interest that has consistently populated our inbox and social media platforms. It affirms Lawyer'd Magazine's purpose and is a bold reminder that we are attending to important work. That being said, there were a series of errors, missteps and unsuccessful execution with respect to different aspects of the magazine. The benefit of an introductory issue is the editing. We have troubleshooted and debugged our model and we are so excited to publish the first official issue of Lawyer'd in March 2018. Though, that might seem very far away, I promise it's not, especially if you are a subscriber and will benefit from our early release initiatives.

Now that the training wheels are off, here's what you can expect from Lawyer'd Magazine in 2018:

  • Each issue will feature:

  1. A combination of 20 to 25 lawyers, law students, and legal professionals, practicing or otherwise from around the world, who are making an impact on law culture in an outstanding manner

  2. An art series, usually photography, featuring a unique representation of the duality of law and art

  3. Poetic Judgment- a twist on noteworthy judgments in legal discourse

  4. A fashion/style spread

  • Our website will feature a resource page that will highlight boutique firms and small businesses in the field to promote networking

  • Print Issues will be available by subscription only

  • We intend to have a more active presence on our social media accounts, particularly utilizing "Instastories" and live chats to meet the needs of our legal community


Steppin into 2018 like...

We got this!

We are looking forward to implementing these changes and bringing our vision to fruition. We thank you all for a fulfilling 2017 and here's to bossin' into 2018.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Jamie-Lee Denton1 Comment