We're here because we've been missing. We weren't lost... just non-existent in a long list of amazing magazines that you can chuck into your grocery cart, tote into your bag, or rip open, courtesy of traditional snail mail. We exist to bring you a compilation of law culture, lifestyle and perspective on a quarterly basis. Each issue features firsthand accounts of some of our favourite influential lawyers, students, and legal professionals who are navigating the world of law and making their mark in a noteworthy way. What makes us different? Well, let's just say you won't really find much case law or peer-reviewed content here. We focus primarily on you, the lawyer or lawyer-to-be. We celebrate the good, address the bad and acknowledge that we are so much more than "suits". 

We hope each issue will inspire you, fuel your passion, and assist you in executing the career you've always envisioned. In the meantime, check out our Instagram feed below!

Lawyer'd Magazine is published three times a year. All Issues are available digitally. Print Issues are ONLY available for stockists.

  • Introductory Issue: Sold Out

  • Issue 01: Women's Issue (March 2018)

  • Issue 02: Around the Globe (Oct. 2018)

  • Issue 03: Men’s Issue (December 2018)


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